Gates Cambridge Scholarships (Fully-funded Masters & PhD) in UK 2023-24 for International Students

Applications for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship are presently being accepted by both foreign and domestic students. Created in October 2000 as a result of a $210 million gift to the University of Cambridge from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Its goal is to help those who have the capacity to have a significant beneficial effect on the world by giving them the chance to study at one of the world’s top institutions, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a very distinguished and competitive scholarship program that gives full financing for graduate studies at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

The scholarship is available to students in various academic disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, engineering, and natural sciences. Any full-time graduate program at the University of Cambridge is eligible for the scholarship, including PhD, MPhil, LLM, and one-year postgraduate programs.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the whole cost of attending Cambridge University and can be held for one to three years. The scholarship amount varies depending on the cost of tuition for specific courses, but it is typically approximately $32,000 per year.

Gates Cambridge Scholars are supposed to be excellent students who have leadership capabilities and a willingness to serve their communities. These requirements are interpreted liberally.

The Gates Cambridge Trust has observed that intellectual accomplishment and potential should be “coupled with a commitment to employ the advantages of higher education for the general good.” Applicants must also have a good academic basis for wishing to study at Cambridge. Gates Cambridge Scholars are supposed to be intellectually curious, emotionally mature, intellectually strong, and show a readiness to take chances, debate, criticize, and think about the larger implications of their topic.

Eligibility for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships

  1. Applying to enroll in one of the following residential full-time programs: A one-year postgraduate study, an MSc or MLitt (two-year research-only degrees), or a PhD (three-year research-only degree) are further options (e.g. MPhil, LLM, MAST, Diploma, MBA, etc.)
  2. A national of any country other than the United Kingdom
  3. Currently, a Gates Cambridge Scholar seeking to be considered for a second Scholarship You are required to submit an application by the second international deadline and go through the same departmental ranking, shortlisting, and interviewing procedures as all other applicants

Gates Cambridge Scholarships program details

  • Duration: Normal duration of applicants’ program
  • Field of study: available programs available at the institution check below or SEE HERE
  • Target group: Available to citizens of any country aside from the United Kingdom
  • Host Institution: Cambridge University U.K


  1. Leadership potential
  2. a strong match between the applicant’s qualifications and objectives and the postgraduate course at Cambridge to which they are applying
  3. A desire to improve the lives of others
  4. Exceptional intellectual abilities

Gates Cambridge Courses

  • PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
  • PhD in Archaeology
  • PhD in Architecture
  • PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • EPSRC CDT MRes + PhD in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment
  • EPSRC CDT MRes + PhD in Future Propulsion and Power
  • EPSRC CDT MRes + PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • EPSRC CDT MRes + PhD in Sensor Technologies and
    Please see the full list HERE

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Benefits of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • Full funding: The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the whole cost of graduate study at the University of Cambridge, including tuition, living expenses, and flights.
  • Generous research and travel grant: Scholarship awardees are also given a significant yearly research and travel allowance, allowing them to continue their studies and research in a flexible and supportive atmosphere.
  • Global Network: The grant is accessible to students from all around the world, allowing beneficiaries to develop a worldwide network of peers and collaborators.
  • Interdisciplinary study and research: Students who are interested in interdisciplinary study and research are especially well-suited for the scholarship, which enables them to study across several topics and disciplines.
  • Impact-focused: The award is meant for those who have shown a dedication to improving the lives of others, encouraging beneficiaries to utilize their knowledge to have a good effect on the world.
  • Access to world-renowned faculty: Many world-renowned faculty members teach at the University of Cambridge, giving scholarship winners access to some of the brightest minds in their area.

Website for Application/Info

        APPLY HERE    

 University site    




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